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The Ride to Conquer Cancer® Presented by Wheaton Precious Metals benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation

We are waging War on Melanoma!  Join our Team
We are waging War on Melanoma! Join our Team

Melanoma warriors

"Strength in numbers has never mattered more than in the fight against cancer.


Team Captain Chris Brochu, a Melanoma Survivor is leading us this 3rd year in the Ride to Conquer Cancer.  

In 2016 he was 5 months into experimental treatment for Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma and he rode the entire route in month 8 of treatment.   We Ride for those that can't. We ride to raise funds for Cancer Research so that more people can have a postive outcome like Chris. 

Crossing the finish line is almost indescribable. Riding in with your team mates, the wind driving into your face, thousands of people cheering and crying. You know you have just been part of something very special.  

 Join us! We will support you from the moment you register until you cross that finish line. Along the way, the funds we raise for the BC Cancer Foundation will support the BC Cancer Agency, a leader in cancer research and treatment that's helping cancer patients right here in Vancouver.


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