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The Ride to Conquer Cancer® Presented by Wheaton Precious Metals benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation

Team A&W

"We work together as partners pursuing common goals and shared success"

Over the past eight years, Team A&W has put this Climate Goal into practice by participating in The Ride to Conquer Cancer. In those seven years, we've managed to raise over $820,000 to help fight cancer and had a great time doing it.

We're back for the 2019 Ride to Conquer Cancer, with a goal of raising as much money as possible for the BC Cancer Foundation. As always, we're going to need your help!

Please donate to our Ride, and your donations will go immediately to the BC Cancer Foundation, allowing them to continue their great work. The funds we raise will help support the BC Cancer Foundation's breakthrough research, exemplary teaching and compassionate care. Every dollar is appreciated, and brings us that much closer to making the end of cancer a reality.

Team A&W consists of corporate staff, restaurant owners, family members and friends, ranging from relative beginners to avid cyclists. We will train together and fundraise together - working toward the weekend we will ride over 200 km from Vancouver to Hope.

Our sincere thanks,

Team A&W

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