2017 Vancouver RTCC

The 2017 Better Outcomes 2
The 2017 Better Outcomes 2


Better Outcomes 2

Thank you everyone. The BO2 Batman-esque team punched above its weight in fundraising this year with over eighty-five thousand dollars raised! Our nineteen riders raised as much money as teams with many more riders. The support we have received over the years is both inspiring and humbling.
Our team had many new riders join us this year. They brought a lot of bright spirit and enthusiam to the ride. Our support crew is second-to-none and did us all proud. Here is brief summary of our team:

David Yu -This is his first ride in the RTCC, he raised nearly ten thousand dollars. As a cancer survivor, the battle against cancer is very personal for Dr. Yu.

Edison Wrzosek -This is Edison's second year riding with our team. He is the main-organiser for our practice rides, as well as our IT guru and ad hoc bike repair ace.

Shunhau To -Is a veteran of the team and had to overcome a fall on the first day. She got up, scraped the debris out of her cuts, and completed the ride. She is a trooper extraordinaire!

Ehsan Taheri -This is his first time in the ride and he proved to be a strong rider and fundraiser.

Deb Szabo -Also a newbie to our team. Gravity appears to not affect this hill climbing cycling machine. If you think you are climbing up a hill fast, you are likely not Szabo-fast.

Mark Sherrington -This is his first year in the ride. The rules of physics appear to not to apply to Mark just as they don't to Deb. He is able to propel a boat anchor of a bike as though it was a proper road bike and eats up hills almost Szabo-fast, almost.

Marc Schouten -Also a new member to our team. Marc was not only the brains behind the big bat ears but overall he was central to our jerseys and Bat-esque outfits looking as good as they did.

Jim THE ROCKET Richardson -Not only raises funds quickly but also tears up the roads like an enhanced Lance Armstrong. This too was Jim's first ride with our team and we hope to be able to keep up with him next year.

Sharon & Deepak Rakhra -The two sisters are riding to honour their father who passed away from cancer. They are also new to our team as well as long-distance riding in general. Their rock solid determination smashed the course this year.

Ben Nichol -Also a new member to our team. Ben is riding to honour his mother who has faced cancer. Although Ben has not ridden much he tackled the course like a beast.

Naeem THE MAN Manji -The youngest rider on our team by an easy ten years, this is Naeem's second time to ride with Better Outcomes 2. After such a stellar performance once again this young lad has inspired his dad, Zuher, to ride with us next year.

Alan Lau -Due to circumstance beyond his control Alan was not able to ride with us this year. He is determined to make it for the 2018 ride.

Asef Karim -This is Asef's first year in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. He is the king of great photos and a stellar team member.

Henry Doyle -Although it was Henry's first time in the Ride to Conquer Cancer he proved to be a great teammate and even gave Deb and Jim a run for their money for at least a few klicks.

Kevin Carlisle -Also new to our team this year. Kevin was able to parlay his success in running into both for fundraising and conquering the ride. His wife Suzanne was a central figure in our support crew.

Catherine Poh -Co-founded the Better Outcomes team with Michele Williams seven years ago. She is the heart and sole our team.

Joel Fransen -Co-captain with Catherine and rider with the team for six years. Apparently he loves costumes when riding.

All funds raised by our team go to the Dr. Michele Williams Oral Cancer Research and Education Fund. Together we have taken a big bite out of oral cancer this year!
Our team was founded seven years ago by Drs. Michele Williams and Catherine Poh. Unfortunately, in 2015 Dr. Michele Williams lost her fight with cancer. It is in her honour that the name of our team has changed to Better Outcomes 2. Both As oral pathologists Drs. Williams and Poh worked directly with patients with oral cancer.
Over the years our team has raised over a quarter of a million dollars. This was possible because of your great support, thank you.

Catherin Poh & Joel Fransen


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The Ride to Conquer Cancer® presented by Silver Wheaton® benefiting BC Cancer Foundation is an epic cycling journey.

Proceeds will enable the BC Cancer Foundation to support life-saving cancer research and enhancements to care at the BC Cancer Agency.

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