2017 Vancouver RTCC

The Hard Way IS the Easy Way!
The Hard Way IS the Easy Way!

Big Lug Disposal and Recycling

Welcome to Team Big Lug!! 


Below is the first line from last year's fundraising page... 

Help Support Dean and Amber Valli (or as I unofficially like to call "Team Big Lug"!) as they take on the 2016 BC Ride to Conquer Cancer!!

And here is the first line of this year's team page!

Help Support Co-Captains Dean and Amber Valli and many more (who we OFFICIALLY call "Team Big Lug"!) as we take on the 2017 BC Ride to Conquer Cancer!!


That's right! We did it! Last year's Ride to Conquer Cancer was such a positive and uplifting experience, that we decided to put our money where our mouth is and enter a corporate team for 2017!

For those of you who don't know my story, in the span of only 6 years, cancer took both of my parents and cut far too short the lives of two of the most caring, genuine, you'd ever want to meet. What we do all know however, is that stories like mine are anything but unique, and for that reason, causes like the RIDE TO CONQUER CANCER are something we can all appreciate the importance of. Let's face it, cancer touches all of our lives in one way or another, so why not jump on a bike, raise some money, have a whole lot of fun, and do something about it! 

Last year, Amber and I raised about $7250.00 between the two of us. This year, TEAM BIG LUG is going to be slightly more ambitious...with a goal of raising $35,000 (to start with...the more, the merrier!). With each individual rider being responsible for raising $2500.00, the more riders we get on board, the easier it will be to meet (and exceed!) our fundraising goal. And if raising $2500.00 seems a little daunting, don't worry! We will be holding team fundraisers as well, and we can redistribute these proceeds to help out those who are struggling!

Now, what about the actual bike riding part...scary right?? Fear not, we will be holding group training sessions starting in April 2017 to help get you ready for the big weekend! And when it really comes down to crunch time, hey, "just keep peddling", and you'll be just fine!

We are based out of Port Coquitlam, and will be holding training sessions in the Tri City area, but for those of you not from around these parts, we are more than willing to move the sessions around from time to time. After all, Big Lug Disposal & Recycling is a hauling company and going from one end of the city to another is right up our ally! 

So why not join our team today, all proceeds directly benefit the BC Cancer Foundation, and I promise you will never regret such a positive and inspiring journey!



Dean Valli




*PS you'll need a password to join the team when you sign up, so feel free to contact me directly at 604-358-5455, or via email at info@biglugdisposal.com and we'll provide you with it












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The Ride to Conquer Cancer® presented by Silver Wheaton® benefiting BC Cancer Foundation is an epic cycling journey.

Proceeds will enable the BC Cancer Foundation to support life-saving cancer research and enhancements to care at the BC Cancer Agency.

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