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The Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting the Alberta Cancer Foundation Presented by Evraz

One Aim

One Aim will be doing its 10th year as a team in the Ride in 2019!!

What is One Aim?  

One Aim formed from an initially small training ride initiated by Nigel Brockton.  Nigel is a cancer survivor and researcher, as well as an avid cyclist and Guiness enthusiast.  His philosphy for all training rides is that they are 'no-drop' rides: no one is left behind!  We come from all walks of life, with all levels of fitness, but we all have One Aim, and that is to Conquer Cancer.  As a team we exist to help riders prepare for the ride, primarily with our Many trianing rides, but also with fundraising support and an endless supply of advice for newer riders.  Nigel won't be riding with us this year; he's moved to Virginia to run the American Institue of Cancer Research- but the team continues.  


Our team encompasses all of the reasons people have to fight cancer- we are survivors, family and friends of survivors and those who lost the battle; we see the value in supporting local research and treatment, and we know that with our support, researchers here and Alberta will advance the fight against cancer until the day we can say we Conquered it.  As of the 2018 Ride we have raised over $2.5 Million for the Ride; we hope to reach $3 Million in 2019


If you're thinking about doing the ride, come join us for a training ride- we'll convince you!  Or you can just ride with us for the fun and fitness of it- regular exercise is one of the best ways to reduce your cancer risk!  Or support or team- anyone on the list to the right would appreciate your contribution!  

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