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Your donation will count towards the team’s fundraising total. In addition, please give credit to the person that asked for your support to recognize them for their efforts to conquer cancer.


The Ride to Conquer Cancer® Presented by Wheaton Precious Metals benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation

Concert and Tapestry

To mark Concert’s 30th anniversary, we wanted to be part of supporting our community in a big way. Since our foundation in 1989, our focus has not only been on building strong, sustainable communities, but also on meaningfully giving back to these communities.

As part of a milestone year of events, we are bringing together our employees at Concert, as well as staff and residents at our Tapestry Independent Living Communities, for an unforgettable weekend of cycling and celebration in support of the 2019 Ride to Conquer Cancer.

The ride is about so much more than any one organization or rider – it’s truly about community banding together to honour those whose lives have been touched by cancer, and to bring hope for the future.

We hope you will be part of our 2019 team!

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